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Volvo of Unionville Polestar Engine Upgrade Software in Markham, Ontario

When Driving Matters

Introducing Polestar, Volvo's racing partner since 1996. Born on the racing circuits of Sweden and around the world, Polestar understands that races are not won in a single lap. To win races and championships, a car must reach the checkered flag. Every time. And in order to do so, it must be optimally balanced, safe and predictable. This same knowledge is applied to all Polestar's products for road cars. So whether it's a Polestar Performance Optimization, or a Polestar-engineered car, they all follow the same engineering philosophy.

Increase the Performance of your volvo

Polestar Performance optimizes the power and torque in your Volvo. It makes your vehicle livelier and more fun to drive, while increasing safety in situations where you need extra performance. All this without increasing fuel consumption or affecting your Volvo's Original Warranty.


Power optimization is developed by Polestar's technicians, who have optimized Volvo cars for racing circuits since 1996. Their skills are well documented in the results lists. Our long collaboration with Polestar makes it easy to offer power optimization for your Volvo, installed by our Volvo of Unionville workshop, while retaining the Original Warranty. 

Polestar optimizations also enhances the following

Volvo of Unionville Polestar Engine Upgrade Software in Markham, OntarioVolvo of Unionville Polestar Engine Upgrade Software in Markham, OntarioVolvo of Unionville Polestar Engine Upgrade Software in Markham, Ontario

Throttle Response


Improved on throttle and off throttle response with more mid-range power. Where you need it most for passing, towing or just for spirited driving




Faster gearshifts rewarding the driver with a more precise and sporty feel




Gear Hold


Gear hold feature, holds onto gears during cornering increasing responsiveness and driver pleasure




Fuel consumption and the environment

A Volvo with the Polestar Performance package has the same certified fuel consumption as the standard version. This is made possible by the Polestar efficient engine tuning, which only increases the power output when it is needed. This also means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged. In practice, it is fully possible to use Polestar's power optimization to reduce fuel consumption slightly, if you drive in an environmentally sound manner with rapid acceleration and maintain an even speed with low engine load.


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Polestar Engine Upgrade Software from Volvo of Unionville